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Comparing Systems

A test performed at Queen's University [QueensU.ca] at Kingston, Ontario in 1991 showed that a SOL Perpetua™ system performed 26% better than an electrically pumped system with an equal collector panel area.

The SOL Perpetua system's high efficiency is in part due to its use of the micro flow principle wherein the heated potable water is gently introduced to the top of the tank thereby promoting stratification of the water. The flow of potable water through the heat exchanger is by natural convection resulting in hot water (50 C or 122 F) being delivered to the top of the tank. Since the water you use comes from the top of the tank, maintaining stratification delays and often prevents the back-up electric heater from coming on.

SMC Installation

SMC Installation

Electrically pumped systems mix hot and cold water so that the heater must come on to bring the water at the top of the tank up to the design temperature.

The SOL Perpetua™ solar water heating system can be used anywhere. It is passive but has all the advantages of an active system. It has special appeal where the weight or appearance on the roof of a water storage tank is undesirable and in all areas where freezing can occur. Until now, electricity was required to operate a pump to bring heat down from the collectors on the roof to the water to be heated. Our system uses no electricity and is self-controlling. Being free of electronic controllers means it is more reliable; electric controllers are prone to malfunctioning due to electrical surges such as those caused by lightning.

For a detailed explanation of how the system works see the Installation Instructions and Maintenance Manual.

The advantages of the SOL Perpetua™ system can be summarized as follows:

  • It's electric free
  • Self-controlling
  • No wiring at all
  • No drain down tank
  • No expansion tank
  • Nothing to wear out
  • Freeze proof
  • Flexible
  • Simple and safe
  • Transparent and fun to watch



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