Bubble Action Pumps Ltd.
Diagram of a SOL Perpetua System
Schematic of the
SOL Perpetua™ System
  1. The Bubble Pump
  2. Solar Collector Panels
  3. The Heat Exchanger Module
  4. Working Fluid
  5. Anti-Scald Valve
  6. Hot Water Tank
  7. Piping & Insulation
  8. Cold Water Inlet
  9. Pressure/Temperature Relief
  10. Valves for Flushing Heat Exchange

How the Sol-Perpetua™ System Works


The working fluid is non-toxic propylene glycol and distilled water. Where there is no danger of frost, distilled water alone can be used. Being under vacuum, the fluid boils at between 45 and 80 C (113 and 176 F) depending on the strength of the sun and the water temperature at the bottom of the tank.

The propylene glycol used in solar heating has a pH of 8, and inhibitors to reduce geloamic action (carrosion) where the copper tubing may be in contact with other metals.



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