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Videos of the SOL Perpetua(tm) System

Videos of the SOL Perpetua™ System - 2012 Video of Circulating Pump

This pump is one of two SOL Perpetua pumps on an eight bay self-serve car wash 311 Bath Rd., Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The pump shown here serves two thirds of the total of 540 1.5 m long 58mm heat pipe evacuated tubes in 18 collectors from Latitude 51. On any sunny day and even on cloudy days the pumps can be seen splashing hot fluid up into their upper chambers and delivering hot working fluid down to the heat exchangers under the storage tanks at ground level.

The heat of the sun drives the systems and no electricity is used. They start and stop by themselves and no controllers are used. There are no moving parts to wear out.

Two 300 imperial gallon (360 U.S. gal) (1463 liter) tanks are connected to the municipal water supply system. A passive thermo-siphon arrangement using counter flow copper coils under the tanks maintains stratification delivering hot water to the top of the tanks.

In four summer months of 2012 the consumption of natural gas for heating 652 m3 of wash water dropped by 74 % as compared with previous years. The saving in gas was 1966 cu.m. Even at today's exceptionally low gas prices the saving to the owner was $1,244.



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